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Cardiac Arrest - "Cardio"

2000 15.2 hh Bay Thoroughbred Gelding

HISTORY – During his brief time on the track (ages 2-4 years) he failed to win, place, or show in even one race; earning a grand total of $246 during his entire career. He was certainly too slow to continue as a race horse. Cardio was purchased as part of a partial trade from a customer in mid-May 2006. He was desirable to me because he had been so well cared for. The care given to him by his previous owner was evident in his rich and shiny coat; they clearly loved him but he just wasn't a good match. While he was very quiet and sweet at home he, like most young and green horses, was overwhelming for his young, 4-Her to handle at the shows. Well, those days are long behind him now! He is an angel in every respect.

TRAINING – Cardio has been in training with me since May 2006 and began to show away from home in early August 2007.

08/07 - New Vocations Charity Show - various placings in Pre-Green, Low, Adult, etc. (2’9”-3’3” divisions)

CONFORMATION & MOVEMENT – Cardio is a well-built, solid horse, with a deep chest, well-sprung ribs, long neck, and handsome face. He has straight, sturdy legs that are blemish free as a result of his sluggish record and brief history on the track. He also grows a beautiful, long, full tail with little maintenance. Cardio is comfortable jumping 2’9”-3’3” with easy flying changes. He has a large stride and easily gets down the lines. With lots of leg he will gladly step out at the trot and has a beautiful canter with two easy leads. Since starting over fences he has demonstrated his inclination to be brave and honest. He has a nice stride, is collected and balanced in the corners, and gets down the lines easily with a little kiss and squeeze. Cardio has impeccable form over fences especially when allowed to jump a touch long.

MANNERISIMS – Cardio is accustomed to turn out with several other horses and is always easy to catch in the field. He is polite around the barn and stands quietly for bathing, will cross tie for mane pulling, braiding, clipping, and farrier work. He is comfortable in the barn and in the arena with and without companions. He loads into and out of the trailer easily, hauls well, and will tie to the side. Cardio is a cribber; he does not attempt to crib while wearing a properly adjusted collar. Cardio has a friendly, curious personality; he loves the company and affection of humans. 

POTENTIAL – This horse is truly a wonderful ride due to his quiet nature; he would be an easy transition from a rider accustomed to riding lesson horses. Cardio has a very cute look, talent, courage, and willing personality that make a great show horse. He shows potential in hunter over fences and has the maneuverability of a reliable equitation mount. He would be an excellent mount for a child to use in 4-H or pony club or for an adult to enjoy in any aspect of showing or pleasure riding. He is a young, cute, and sound prospect for a less experienced rider to progress on. Cardio would best perform and progress under the guidance of a Walk, Trot, Canter Level Rider or greater.

SPECIFICS – full cheek waterford or snaffle, regular bridle (cob sized caveson may be required) with standing martingale, a regular tree saddle with a 50"girth, and a 78" blanket.

VETERINARY & SOUNDNESS – He has not been hurt, lame, or ill since his arrival on the farm. Cardio is current on worming, had his dental work done on 9/18/06, and also has a set of x-rays available for loan.

VIDEO – Cardio does not require a standing martingale but he would keep his nose in better with one. His video clips show him going without his martingale. The length of Cardio's clips is a touch longer than I like to post online but they really show his consistant style and good nature to just keep clocking around the course. When there is a mistake I know that it was rider error because he is always trying 100% to put in his best trip. 

DVD – Call to reserve a copy of the next DVD featuring footage of Cardio and others available for sale.


Price subject to increase with training and show experience/ success.


2'9"-3' Show Course I

August 2007 (11.1MB)

2'9"-3' Show Course II

August 2007 (11.1MB)

2'9"-3' Course I

October 2006 (11.6MB)

2'9"-3' Course II

October 2006 (10MB)

Cardio Warming-Up

October 2006 (3.44MB)

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Cardio's Pre-purchase Trial Contract

Cardio's Pedigree