Buying your new horse and bringing it home to your barn is very exciting, but it can also involve a certain level of confusion and risk. While we can use all of our knowledge and experience to protect our horses from harm, sometimes it is simply not enough. In the past I have often felt that I have not thoroughly voiced my expectations and concerns and that I have not been able to completely answer my customers' questions. In order to clarify the terms of our agreement, provide in writing what is clearly written as law or industry standard, and make everything available to potential buyers I offer my pre-purchase and sale contracts. I feel that these may be of most use to first-time buyers as it is often difficult for them to realize all the concerns that may arise when trying and eventually purchasing a new horse.
My contracts elaborate on the industry standards and are compiled from examples that I have found through careful research. I consider them to be quite extensive; they protect the horse to ensure that it receives proper daily and emergency care, they protect me by making my expectations clear as well as any known deficiencies in the horse. They protect you and your potential investment with warranties and rights. Buying a horse is a serious endeavor and you should feel free to have all of your concerns included in the contracts you will sign. Prior to coming to meet or pick up your horse please feel free to request a contract; our final contract will be altered to suit our verbal agreement and your needs. I want you to feel confident that you are making the safest, most researched purchase that you possibly can.

You will be asked to sign a release of liability prior to riding my horses, acknowledging that you will be participating voluntarily and that riding horses is inherently dangerous.