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Enjoy the Show - "Cabaret"

2002 16 hh Gray Thoroughbred Gelding

EXPERIENCE & TRAINING - He has a consistent trot and collected canter with two leads. He is even learning to reach for the bit nicely. He often expresses some nervousness and tension with excessively animated gaits. When he is doing this he has trouble getting up his lines with a 12’ stride.  I haven’t found a pattern to this but it does get better the more frequently he is ridden.  When he feels rough and animated I simply ask him to do a few more laps of trot work; he loves to stretch out into a long and low trot and this seems to settle him again. He will jump from any distance with lovely form, never-ever quits, doesn’t want to rub the rails, and really seems to enjoy himself. He is smart and eager to do a good job; one likely cause for his nervouness may be a fear of disappointing his rider, "performance anxiety". He is currently jumping 2'9" - 3' with very correct form and plenty of courage and skill for more. His flying changes are coming along nicely but still need more work before they are predictable and correct. He has always been a delight to work with around the barn. He is polite and stands quietly for bathing, will cross tie for mane pulling, braiding, clipping, and farrier work. Cabaret is accustomed to turn out with several other horses and is always easy to catch in the field. He loads into and out of the trailer easily, hauls well, and will tie to the side. Cabaret has a friendly, curious personality; he loves the company and affection of humans. He did very well at his first show (a local one a few miles from my house) in April 2010; he brought home 5 blue ribbons and one red in the 18" and 2' divisions.  Since then he has been to quite a few shows.

2010 - OVRA Summer Series Champion - 18" & 2' divisions
4/2011 - OVRA Hunter Show - 2'6" & 3' Divisions
5/2011 - OVRA Hunter Show - 2'6" & 3' Divisions

CONFORMATION - Cabaret's coat is rich and shiny, and he has clean legs with very substantial bone. Cabaret is a big-bodied horse with beautiful coloring, broad chest, sloping shoulder, long neck, and curious face. His expressions are always kind, thoughtful, and curious.

HISTORY - Retired from racing sound and was adopted from the Last Chance Corral in early September 2006.

POTENTIAL – Cabaret shows potential for hunter/jumper, equitation, dressage, and has plenty of bone for fox hunting. He will be an excellent hunter for a child or an adult. Cabaret would best perform and progress under the guidance of an Advanced Walk, Trot, Canter Level Rider or greater.

SPECIFICS – full cheek waterford or snaffle, regular bridle with standing martingale, a regular tree saddle with a 50"girth, and a 78" blanket.

VETERINARY & SOUNDNESS – Cabaret has not been hurt, lame, or ill since his arrival on the farm. Cabaret is a cribber; he does not attempt to crib while wearing a properly adjusted collar.



Enjoy the Show's Pedigree

A Diagonal Line

October 2011 (2.5MB)


Short Practice Course

October 2011 (5.9MB)