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Freedom Stand - "Freedom"

2001 16.2 hh Bay Thoroughbred Gelding

EXPERIENCE & TRAINING – Freedom has shown successfullly for three years. In 2010 he did so well that he failed to earn season awards in even one division; he moved up from 18" to 3' so quickly! Really he had shown such potential in his first few training sessions for hunters. He approaches each new jump in the most care-free manner and is measuring his striding between fences and landing the correct leads almost on his own. The most difficult part in his training has been to get his big, lanky body into some sort of collected frame so that he could be handy and adjustable over fences. He is smart and eager to do a good job and seems to learn each new task as soon as he has been rewarded for performing it. Sometimes when he has been asked to add in the lines a few times (over lower fence heights) he puts on the brakes a little too much even when I actually was thinking of letting him go on. He offers no resistance when gently asked to slow down and is relaxing into the bit nicely; he loves to stretch out into a long and low trot and can easily frame-up for equitation. Freedom Stand is accustomed to turn out with several other horses and is always easy to catch in the field. He is polite around the barn and stands quietly for bathing, will cross tie for mane pulling, braiding, clipping, and farrier work. He is comfortable in the barn and in the arena with and without companions. He loads into and out of the trailer easily, hauls well, and will tie to the side. Freedom Stand really does just want to come out of the barn and do a nice job. He is currently jumping 2'9"-3' with reliable flying changes.

2010 - OVRA Summer Series - 18"- 3' Divisions (higher levels at each show)
4/2011 - OVRA Hunter Show - 18" & 2' Divisions (w/ a beginner rider)
5/2011 - OVRA Hunter Show - 2' & 2'6" Divisions
2011 - OVRA Summer Seriws - 2'6" & 3' Divisions Season Champion

CONFORMATION & MOVEMENT – Elegant, beautifully built, tall and leggy with plenty of shoulder and a lengthy neck. He has solid, blemish-free legs that I attribute to his short career on the track. He has wonderful, free movement when he plays in the field. Though he is a big mover he is not strong; in fact he is very quiet. His facial expressions are full of curious energy as he explores his surroundings. Freedom loves human attention as evidenced by his demand for my attention in the field and the way in which he galantly performs each task asked of him. I look forward to riding his big, easy trot and have to be carefull not to go too many laps and save some energy for jumping. Generally he has a large strided and airy trot and a lofty canter with two easy leads. Freedom is more concerned with showing off his long legs than actually covering ground. He is very relaxed and complacent.

VIDEOS - The more time I spend with Freedom the lighter and more consistant he becomes; He loves to jump and is really getting a good grasp of the details of his course work. His roll-backs are smooth as he looks for the out fence and his lines are light and elastic as he learns to cooperate and find a good distance out. He is honest, loves to jump from the long spots, and is usually willing to get his rider out of a jam.

HISTORY – I purchased Freedom directly from a kind trainer at Thistle Down in early September 2006. He had been advertised, "attention eventers" and was guaranteed to be tall, quiet, and sound. I certainly was not disappointed when I first laid eyes on him and am still impressed with how accurate his trainer's description was.

POTENTIAL – This horse is truly a wonderful ride due to his quiet nature; he would be an easy transition for a rider accustomed to riding lesson horses. Freedom has the elegant look, talent, courage, and willing personality that make a great show horse. He shows potential for hunters and has the maneuverability of a reliable equitation mount. He would be an excellent mount for a child or adult to enjoy in any aspect of show or pleasure riding. Freedom would best perform and progress under the guidance of a Walk, Trot, Canter Level Rider or greater.

SPECIFICS – D waterford or snaffle, regular bridle with standing martingale, a regular tree saddle with a 50" girth, and a 80 or 82" blanket.

VETERINARY & SOUNDNESS – He has not been hurt, lame, or ill since his arrival on the farm. Freedom Stand is a cribber; he does not attempt to crib while wearing a properly adjusted collar.


Congratulations to Heather Heberle!

Price subject to increase with training and show experience/ success.


Short Course 1

October 2011 (4.25MB)

Short Course 2

October 2011 (5.82MB)

Adding in a Line

October 2011 (2.95MB)