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High Five

2006 15.3 hh Sorrel Belgian-Tb Gelding

EXPERIENCE & TRAINING – High Five is just starting his under-saddle work after in-hand and longeing work. He has a kind disposition and is very brave and trusting. He is experienced at standing in cross-ties, clipping, bathing, and riding in the trailer. He is very quiet in-hand and is currently walk-trot-cantering under saddle as well as skipping over some cross-rails and jumping some 2'3" verticals and oxers.

08/2011 - OVRA Hunter Show - Cross Rail Division

CONFORMATION & MOVEMENT – High Five is heavily boned, yet elegant, with plenty of shoulder and a lengthy neck. He has solid, blemish-free legs and is a big mover though he is not strong; in fact he is very quiet. His facial expressions are full of curiousity. High Five loves attention; he eagerly approaches people at his stall front, in the pasture, and is eager to please in his training. He has a big, airy trot and a lofty canter with two easy leads.

HISTORY – I adopted High Five when he was just two weeks old. He was bucket raised for seven months, making him exceptionally kind. He was a nurse-mare foal, which means that he was taken from his mother just a few days after birth. High Five was only born so that his mother would lactate and thus have the ability to care for another, "more valuable", foal.

POTENTIAL – High Five will make a lovely dressage, foxhunter/hunter, or equitation prospect. He is a nice young horse that could really go anywhere, but would best perform and progress under the guidance of an Advanced Walk, Trot, Canter Level Rider or greater.

SPECIFICS – full cheek waterford or snaffle, regular bridle with standing martingale, a regular tree saddle with a 52" girth, and an 80" blanket.

VETERINARY & SOUNDNESS – He has not been hurt, lame, or ill in his life.


Price subject to increase with training and show experience/ success.



Trotting & Cantering a Small Cross-rail

October 2011 (5.34MB)