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In the Rain - "Rai"

2012 16 hh Bay Filly

EXPERIENCE & TRAINING – Rai has had extensive in-hand and longe training and a life of 2x-3x daily care and handling. She is confident in and out of the arena, has three good gaits, and is coming onto the bit nicely.

Rai is accustomed to turn out with several other horses and is easy to catch in the field. She is polite around the barn and stands quietly for bathing, will stand for mane pulling, clipping, and farrier work. She is comfortable in the barn and in the arena with and without companions.

CONFORMATION & MOVEMENT – Rai is solidly built, yet cute and even somewhat elegant, with fine head and slightly more level croup. She has solid, blemish-free legs. Rai currently sticks 15.3hh at her hip (she is in a downhill stage of growth); I believe she will finish out just over 16hh. Rai is a great mover when she stretches out and I look forward to her having the length of stride that would allow her to continue her training and eventually be a successful hunter competitor.

PERSONALITY - Rai has a kind, curious disposition and is very obedient. She is very sweet and eager to please in training. Rai is always kind, her facial expressions are full of curiosity. Because of all the pain she experienced as a youngster, she has been more shy than most orphans. Even that is beginning to fade as her training progresses. I can see that she really enjoys her training sessions; she aims to please, and is never lazy. She is very approachable in the field or in her stall but her shy nature prevents her from being pushy or climbing all over you the way that some nursemare foals do.



POTENTIAL – Rai is a young horse that could really go anywhere in life. Because of her work ethic I look forard to seeing where her small, athletic frame can take her. She would best perform and progress under the guidance of an Advanced Walk, Trot, Canter Level Rider or greater.

HISTORY – I hand picked Rai from all the orphaned foals rescued by The Last Chance Corral (~200) after numerous visits. She was a nurse-mare foal, which means that she was taken from her mother just a few days after birth. Rai was only born so that her mother would lactate and thus be able to care for another, "more valuable", foal. Sadly, she became dangerously ill within 48 hours of being at my farm and had to return to the Corral for treatment in their ICU where she hovered close to death for two weeks. Finally, she was better and returned home where she battled every virus and skin condition imaginable.

SPECIFICS –eggbutt snaffle, cob sized bridle, a regular tree saddle with a 50" girth, and a 76-78" blanket.

VETERINARY & SOUNDNESS – Rai struggled with gaining immunity early on in her life but has since been healthy and not been ill or suffered from any new skin conditions. She has a healthy looking coat and a long, thick tail.


Price subject to increase with training/ show experience.