Lani was a dedicated equestrian from a young age, spending the summer working off lessons and training on her first pony by cleaning stalls at a local stable. She now spends much of her time rescueing, rehabilitating, retraining, and showing horses prior to their sale.
Lani is a graduate of Environmental Health Sciences at Ohio University; while at OU she split her time between riding on the OU Equestrian Team where she competed successfully as an Open level rider and working at the Last Chance Corral.

Pictured at left is Sharky, who was rescued by the Last Chance Corral and trained by Lani prior to his adoption.

Prior to retraining and rehabilitating thoroughbreds most of my experience was with my quarter horse, Speedy Operator. After many years of training together we had many triumphant performances in the show ring. When we turned twenty I knew that he could no longer compete at the level and intensity that we had enjoyed. I carefully considered where I had taken Speedy from where we had started and wanted to buy a new horse but couldn’t find a reasonably priced quarter horse with the size, quality, and soundness that I was looking for in my next show hunter. In my search for a new hunter I came into the Last Chance Corral where during my 4 years of college I received additional education in picking prospects, identifying the causes of (and potential for future) unsoundness, and training and caring for thoroughbreds off-the-track through love and kindness (and strict discipline).

I rescued my first thoroughbred off the track during that time, and haven’t looked back. Rehabilitating and retraining a thoroughbred is such an exhilarating experience; when they are performing well and winning you know that it is because you have done everything to make that horse what it has become. I have learned the most about horses and my own riding ability through my work with thoroughbreds off the track. They are clever, always testing to see what you know, and making sure that you are paying attention. I am forever awestruck by their elegance, power, athleticism, and delightful personalities. They are breathtaking in their infinite athletic ability and intelligence.

Rehabilitating and retraining a thoroughbred off the trackis a challenging and exhilarating experience but, it is not for everyone. This is why I often feel that I am helping to bridge the gap between them and the average rider, who just wants to feel safe, have fun, and enjoy competing and winning on a nice horse.
I am proud to present my sales portfolio, a list of testimonials from the buyers of horses. I am touched and grateful that so many were able to express satisfaction with their new horse, my web site, and/or me. All of these horses will now live long and happy lives because they have become a fulfilling part of a human life. Their owners should be proud to have been a part of that process. Without being able to find wonderful new owners for my horses I would be unable to rehabilitate and retrain others who need me.

I am exceedingly grateful for the opportunity to work with so many fantastic horses!

Enjoy the Show

Enjoy the Show - 2002 16hh Gray Thoroughbred Gelding

Freedom Stand - 2001 16.2hh Bay Thoroughbred Gelding

"I have taken numerous horses on pre-purchase trial from Lani in the past, they are always of good quality and reasonably priced. We have kept all of them following the trial period, never having had to make the long trip back to Southeast Ohio to return one of her horses."

- Heather, proud trainer

Enjoy the Show
Freedom Freedom
Freedom Cardio - 2000 15.2hh Bay Thoroughbred Gelding

Cardio was the sweetest little gentleman imaginable; an incredible hero who was always willing to go the distance. He was catastrophically injured shortly after his pre-purchase trial.

Take Your Time

Take Your Time - 2006 15.2hh Bay Anglo-Arab Gelding

"Working with Lani Ohly was a pleasure. Her professional knowledge of horses and her willingness to make arrangements was extremely helpful. I'm very proud to own a horse that came from her farm I would be more than willing to do business with her again! Thank you!! "

- Cory, proud owner

Take Your Time

YouNeverDoKnow - 2008 15.3hh Dark Bay Thoroughbred Gelding

"In the timeframe of knowing Lani Ohly and being a customer of hers I feel like Lani has always been much more than forthcoming with all knowledge that she has for a given horse for sale. Over all, she puts the horse's well-being first and foremost, this is what sets her apart from most in the horse industry. She's not out to sell anybody any old horse. She fits her horses to riders' needs and makes sure they are able to give good homes to these animals for the long-term."

- Donny, trainer

Run Mill Run

Run Mill Run - 2001 16.2hh Bay Thoroughbred Gelding

Current owner please call me, I would love to hear how he is doing!

- Lani B. Ohly

Run Mill Run
It's Bright's Turn

It's Bright's Turn - 1998 15.3hh Dark & Dappled Bay Thoroughbred Gelding

Bright got loose one night and spooked, he ran 1.5 miles to the highway where he was hit and had to be put down on the spot. This tragic loss coupled with losing Phenom absolutly broke my heart and forced me to take two years off from riding. Someday, I hope to recover.

It's Bright's Turn

Phenom - 1998 17hh Bay Thoroughbred Gelding

This magnificent animal was a superhero and the love of my life from the moment I brought him home in 2003. He was a prince charming that rescued me over and over again until the day that I failed to rescue him and he died on the surgery table from colic. I lost my soulmate in Septermber 2008 and he is missed each and every day.


Timbergreen - 2000 16.3hh Dark Bay Thoroughbred Gelding

"Don't worry about Timber - he is getting tons of attention and love and is in a good home. Cassidy kept going out to the barn to check on him in this heat! We love him and will take good care of him! Every time I look at him I can't believe he was in a killer pen - he's such a magnificent horse. Thank goodness you found him."

- Tammy, proud owner

Bid on eBay - 2003 14.2 hh Brown going Grey Appalossa Gelding

"I can't believe I've had him since '06! We've had so many adventures together and I can't wait to start really showing and competing with him this spring! If you would like to come visit him at the farm you are always welcome..."

- Jess, proud owner

Life Promise - 1999 16.1 hh Dark Bay Thoroughbred Gelding

"I just wanted to say thank you so much for everything you've done with Keeper. He is doing really well here and I think he likes it a lot! He didn't have any trouble adjusting to the new atmosphere and was calm the whole trip home. I love him and everyone around the barn loves him, too. Your DVD was done so well and professional it was really amazing. You can come to Rochester and visit us anytime! Thanks so much and I will send you updates and pictures of him!"

- Malkah, proud owner

Father's Magic - 1995 16.3 hh Black Bay Thoroughbred Gelding

"Lani was extremely welcoming and understanding after a seven hour drive. She took her time with me, helped me to understand more about Farther's past and how to handle him. She didn't cut our riding time down, we rode for two hours. I'm extremely happy with the purchase of Farther and I will recommend her to others, her horses are great. Thanks again,"

- Audra, proud owner

Lincoln Hall - 1998 16+ hh Liver Chestnut Thoroughbred Gelding

Current owner please call me, I would love to hear how he is doing!

- Lani B. Ohly

Flight One O One - 1998 16.2 hh Bay Thoroughbred Gelding

"When it came time for me to go and look for a horse the first person my trainers thought of as capable, safe, and professional enough to do business with again was Lani. Her DVD was so well done and really shows every aspect of the horse. Flight is happy in Rochester and I'm excited to progress along with him. Lani was so very welcoming after a nine hour drive and made the experience a truely special one. Thank you so much for all your hard work on Flight! I can't wait to see what the future holds! Yet again, thank you so much for everything! You have no idea how much this means to me."

- Erin, proud owner

Tricky Cal - 2001 16.1 hh Dark Bay Thoroughbred Gelding

Thank you so much for introducing me to T.C. He is such a great horse. Not only is he a great jumper, but his personality is amazing. He is calm and easy going and such a pleasure to work with. It's so hard to believe that he only just turned four. Everyone at my barn just loves him - needless to say he has already acquired a love of carrots. You are doing such a great job with all of your horses. I am sure there will be many more like T.C. Good luck with everything - hopefully you will see us at some shows this fall!

- Nikki, proud owner

Pair of Aces - 1999 15.2 hh Black Bay Thoroughbred Gelding

"I absolutely couldn't enjoy Aces more! He is so pleasant and easy to work with, and just goes along with anything asked of him. I think that every time I ride him, we bond even more. I love to groom him and I always look forward to riding him because he's so willing to please. I couldn't thank you enough for the great experience in buying a new horse. The DVD was a great idea and I was pleasantly surprised to see that Aces was as great in real life as he was on the DVD. I know this will be the start of a long and happy relationship!"

- Monica, proud owner

Shell Bobyn - 1994 16.3 hh Chestnut Thoroughbred Gelding

"Thank you for the pleasant horse buying experience. The DVD was very professionally done and easy to use. When we got there after a very long drive, Lani was very welcoming and made the long journey well worth it. While trying the horses Lani was very flexible and understanding. This made everything very easy. The website and DVD truly reflected Laddy and his behavior. Laddy is doing great and has quickly adjusted to his new home. He's VERY friendly and often nickers to all the other horses. Laddy and I are off to a great start and I love riding him. Thank you for everything"

- Janet, proud owner

Recognize Rorschach - 2002 15.3 hh Black APHA Gelding

"The patience you have shown and the willingness to work with me over this long distance has proven that you have your horse's best interest at heart... There was never a moment when I regretted bringing Ror home."

- Melissa, proud owner

Secondhand Rosalee - 2002 16.2 hh Sorrel Belgian-Tb Filly

"Lani has made horse shopping an enjoyable experience; the quality of information about the horses for sale including a high quality DVD made the purchase decision much easier; I feel lucky to have purchased such a wonderful, well mannered horse. Thanks for a pleasurable horse shopping experience... She is truly going to be a horse our whole family will enjoy."

- Karin, proud owner

Dancing for Woody - 16.2 hh Dark Bay 1991 Thoroughbred Mare

"I simply adore this mare - she is so sweet, I think she is going to make a wonderful momma... It's funny that you should e-mail me, because I was just wondering last night what I could do (other than word of mouth to every single soul I meet), to let people know how wonderful and caring you are to rescue these horses."

- Cindy, proud owner

Saw Lu Comin - 16.1 hh Bay 1999 Incentive Fund AQHA Gelding

"I have enjoyed your web site and learning about your horses and training. I am now the proud owner of Garth, who is doing wonderful, and jumping everything I put in front of him. I have been jumping him cross country which he seems to enjoy very much. Next year Garth and I plan to ride in some Events."

- Jill, proud owner

Doc My Wages - 16.2 hh Chestnut 2001 Percheron-Tb Gelding

"I feel lucky to have met you as you are a very focused young woman and I am constantly amazed at how motivated you are! I will try to keep circulating your website and the show throw info. I visit highest horse often just to see your new prospects and it seems you are doing very well with finding them new homes!"

- Julie, proud owner

Storminette - 1997 15.3 hh Bay Thoroughbred Mare

"Storminette is such a wonderful mare. Everywhere we go people remark on her quiet, polite personality and perfect conformation. Even our veterinarian found her to be an outstanding mare. She is always composed and mannerly around the barn, a true pleasure to have around."

- Jacqueline, trainer

Lord Gordon - 1990 16.3 hh Bay Thoroughbred Gelding

"We went to Alexandria, VA for Thanksgiving and we traveled route 32 and 50 which took us through Athens, Ohio. I was reminiscing about the trip to your mom's farm and seeing Flash for the first time. Thank you so much Lani!!"

- Marti, proud owner