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Next Round's On Me - "Cider"

2012 16.3 hh Sorrel Belgian-Thoroughbred Filly

EXPERIENCE & TRAINING – Cider has had extensive in-hand and longe training and a life of 2-3x daily care and handling. She is confident in and out of the arena, has three good gaits, and is coming onto the bit nicely. She is suiable for beginner through advanced riders.

CONFORMATION & MOVEMENT – Cider is solidly built, leggy, athletic and elegant (rather than clunky), with a fine feminine head, and long, elegant neck. I can already picture her cantering loftily around her first course! She will be nearly as athletic as her thoroughbred ancestors and as patient and kind as those noble belgians in her pedigree. Cider currently sticks 16.2hh; because draft crosses are frequently slow to mature, I believe she will finish out around 16.3hh.

PERSONALITY - Cider is the epitome of sweetness and sunshine. She is so kind, trusting, and affectionate without being the least bit pushy. She has a kind, curious disposition and is very obedient. She is loving but never pushy to handle and is eager to please in training. This is a wonderful filly that can be led around by the gentlest touch of your bare hands.



POTENTIAL – Cider is a young horse that could really go anywhere in life. I can see her as a winning show hunter because of her extrememly pleasant way of going and willing personality. She would best perform and progress under the guidance of an Advanced Walk, Trot, Canter Level Rider or greater.

HISTORY – I hand picked Cider when she was just 2-4 days old from all the orphaned foals rescued by The Last Chance Corral (~200) after numerous visits. She was a nurse-mare foal, which means that she was taken from her mother just a few days after birth. Cider was only born so that her mother would lactate and thus be able to care for another, "more valuable", foal. We named her, "Next Round's on Me", after the bottle opener shaped star and strip on her forehead.

SPECIFICS –full-cheek waterford, full-sized bridle, regular tree saddle with a 50" girth, and a 80" blanket.

VETERINARY & SOUNDNESS – Cider has always been healthy, has a shiny coat and a long, thick tail. She has never been injured, has very healthy feet, and has always been sound.