1998 17hh Bay Thoroughbred Gelding

HISTORY –Phenom began his training in August 2003 immediatly after being adopted from the Last Chance Corral in July 2003; he was donated by Valerie Haller after two attempts to recover him from a bowed tendon.

EXPERIENCE – Phenom has been severly limited in his experiences by my caution for his complete recovery as well as by several events in my personal life. He showed extensively in 2004 but took 2005 mostly off while I waited for a clean ultra-sound on his bowed tendon. I couldn't justify spending another year jumping 2'3" with him (beating the pants off of everyone!) when I always have plenty of other very green horses that could use the experience. In 2006 I was able to do quite well with him despite moving to a new farm (where the arena was was not completed until 05/07!). So far, in 2007 I just have not had the time or money to do that much riding and showing as we rehabilitate our new-old farm and prepare to construct a massive addition to our house.

CONFORMATION & MOVEMENT – Fantastic, big-bodied with a broad chest, slight uphill build, huge sloping shoulder, well sprung ribs, long muscular neck, a handsome and inquisitive face, and a kind eye. He has outstanding leg bone and substance typical of a warmblood. Phenom is a truly fantastic, eye-catching horse with well defined muscles and nearly perfect conformation. Phenom grows a naturally long and thick tail with little maintenance. Phenom is an exceptional mover, rarely placed lower than third on the flat. He carries himself in a long and low frame at the walk, trot, and canter though he will easily travel in a frame when asked. He has perfect form and technique over fences and is ready to move up to 3'6" or higher. Phenom is exceptionally talented over fences; he sees his own take-off, never rubs the rails, never refuses, and doesn’t care how the jump is decorated. He has plenty of step and easily gets the strides without picking up pace with his big, natural canter.

MANNERISIMS – Phenom is very relaxed and confident, two qualities that make a brilliant show hunter. He is incredibly sensitive and responsive, yielding to the slightest touch or shift in weight. Phenom performs the same in strange places as he does at home. He is accustomed to turn out with several other horses and is always easy to catch in the field. He is polite around the barn and stands quietly for bathing, will cross tie for mane pulling, braiding, clipping, and farrier work. He is comfortable in the barn and in the arena with and without companions. He loads into and out of the trailer easily, hauls well, and will tie to the side. Phenom has a friendly, curious personality; he loves the company and affection of humans. 

07/05 – 3rd/ 45 - Last Chance Corral Charity Classic – Showtime Series

2006 – Champion Low Hunter 2'9"- 3' & Champion Adult Equitation 3'
2004 – Reserve Champion Very Green & 3rd Beginning Hunter – Showtime Series
10/04 – Champion Beginning Hunter 2’3” – Showtime Series
10/04 – Champion Very Green Hunter 2’3” – Showtime Series
07/04 – 7th/ 30 - Last Chance Corral Charity Classic – Showtime Series

POTENTIAL –This is a fantastic horse with unlimited potential for hunters. He has the looks, size, talent, courage, and personality to compete in any hunter arena. Phenom loves his job as evidenced by his performance in the show arena, his honesty over fences, and his eager to please attitude. Phenom loves to perform, he awaits the applause and good boy at the end of a good course. He is constantly striving to please me by jumping well and performing his lead changes on time, a rare quality.

SPECIFICS – full cheek snaffle, regular bridle with standing martingale, a regular tree saddle with a 52-54" girth, and a 82" blanket.

VETERINARY & SOUNDNESS – He has not been hurt, lame, or ill since his arrival on the farm. Phenom has been able to go unshod for years due to his strong, well formed hooves. His old bowed tendon has never been an issue; please read the LCC Winter Newsletter Article for more information (link at left).

VIDEO – Phenoms collection of videos is just a glimpse into his album of training, outstanding show performances, and unblemished history of soundness.

DVD – Call to reserve a copy of the next DVD featuring footage of Phenom.


Price subject to increase with training and show experience/ success.

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LCC Winter Newsletter Article About Phenom

Phenom's Pedigree

Pre-purchase Contract

Low Hunters

July 2006 (7.13MB)

Low Hunters

July 2006 (6.36MB)

Charity Classic

July 2005 (3.67MB)