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Rondeau Moments - "Rondas"

2008 16.3 hh Dark Bay Thoroughbred Gelding

EXPERIENCE & TRAINING – The most difficult part in his training has been to get his big, lanky body into a collected frame so that he can be handy and adjustable over fences. He is smart and ready to try his best and has been doing some flying-lead-changes most are on cue but he may drag the back for a stride or two others are fully-automatic. He is very quiet and melts in your hands on the flat. Now that he understands the concept of collection, he offers no resistance when gently asked to slow down and is relaxing into the bit nicely; he loves to stretch out into a long and low trot and can easily frame-up for equitation. Rondas is very forgiving and kind; he wants to come out of the barn and do a nice job. He is currently jumping up to 2'9”, he listens well when it is time to wait and he is honest, is usually willing to get his rider out of a jam but, is still learning to jump from the long spots and get a lead change at the corner without getting excited.
Rondas is accustomed to turn out with several other horses and is always easy to catch in the field. He is polite around the barn and stands quietly for bathing, will stand for mane pulling, clipping, and farrier work. He is comfortable in the barn and in the arena with and without companions. He loads into and out of the trailer easily, hauls well, and will tie to the side.

CONFORMATION & MOVEMENT – Rondas is big even for his height with plenty of shoulder and a kind face. He has solid, blemish-free legs that I attribute to his short and unsuccessful career on the track. He has adorable, heavier than average movement. His facial expressions are full of curiosity and kindness. I look forward to riding his big, easy canter.



Early October 2014 Video


POTENTIAL – Rondas has the soft, easy look, talent, courage, and willing personality that make a great show horse. He shows potential for hunters and will have the maneuverability of a reliable equitation mount. He would be an excellent mount for a child or adult to enjoy in any aspect of showing or eventing. Rondas would best perform and progress under the guidance of an Intermediate Level Rider or greater.

SPECIFICS – full-cheek waterford, regular bridle with standing martingale, a regular tree saddle with a 50" girth, and a 80" blanket.

HISTORY – Rondas, Jockey Club: Rondas My Mom by Don’t Get Mad out of Little Ronda (Little Missouri), had 3 starts (0 wins, 0 places, 0 shows), and $81 in earnings. He was truly too slow to continue as a race horse. Rondas in the second horse I've gotten directly from a kind trainer at the track which has been absolutely fantastic in his management, training, and potential. He arrived on my farm, sight unseen in October 2011, and has been sound and in good health since.

VETERINARY & SOUNDNESS – He has not been lame or ill since his arrival on the farm. He suffered an injury to his eyelid in 2013 but it was stitched in time and has healed without scaring. This summer (2014) he had a deep laceration to his shoulder which has healed up nicely but will have a small "cowlick" scar. I would not have considered this horse accident prone but he has been unlucky. In general he is slow and methodical - both of his past injuries were a total shock considering his careful, quiet nature. Rondas wasbarely raced, retired early, and has been ridden and shown merely seasonally, taking the winter off each year and then participating in a limited number (4-6) events spring-fall. I have every reason to believe that his joints are in better condition than average.

VIDEO - The Early October video is from one of the first rides coming back from his shoulder injury. He has already improved so much that I hope to shoot a new video before the end of the month.

SPECIFICS - full-cheek Waterford, regular bridle with standing martingale, a regular tree saddle with a 54" girth, and an 84" blanket. He does not require a standing martingale but keeps his nose in better with one.


Price subject to increase with training/ show experience.