I am looking to host/ for help hosting a hunter-jumper schooling show series (~4 shows per year) in SE Ohio. The classes would range from ground rails to 3'3" or even 3'6" (if there is interest). I can provide ribbons, show bill distribution, in-gate labor, promotion through this website, and help finding judges. If you are interested in participating please call me.

Proposed Show Bill

Hunter Warm-up

Walk-Trot Equitation over Ground Poles
Walk-Trot Equitation on the flat

Walk-Trot Hunter I over Cross Rails
Walk-Trot Hunter II over Cross Rails
Walk-Trot Hunter Under Saddle

Lead-line Equitation

Future Hunter over fences I (18”)
Future Hunter
over fences II (18”)
Future Hunter under saddle

Very Green Hunter over fences I (2’-2’3”)
Very Green Hunter over fences II (2’-2’3”)
Very Green Hunter under saddle

Academy Hunter over fences I (2’-2’3”)
Academy Hunter
over fences II (2’-2’3”)
Academy Hunter
under saddle

Novice Equitation over fences (2’-2’3”)
Novice Equitation on the flat

Special Hunter over fences I (2’3”-2’6”)
Special Hunter over fences II (2’3”-2’6”)
Special Hunter under saddle

Training Hunter over fences I (2’6”-2’9”)
Training Hunter over fences II (2’6”-2’9”)
Training Hunter under saddle

Open Equitation over fences (2’6”-2’9”)
Open Equitation on the flat

Low Hunter over fences I (2’9”-3’)
Low Hunter
over fences II (2’9”-3’)
Low Hunter under saddle

Open Hunter over fences I (3’-3’3")
Open Hunter over fences II (3’-3’3")
Open Hunter under saddle

Champion & Reserve Ribbons Awarded

Pricing: Individual Classes (ribbons to 5th) = $10, Ground Fee = $10, Full Divisions - Hunter $25/ Eq. $15

Shows will be held at ?

Questions, comments, etc: (740) 591-1449 or lani@showthrow.com