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Sudsy Sunday

2008 16.1hh Bay Thoroughbred Gelding

EXPERIENCE & TRAINING - Sudsy has progressed admirably in his hunter training. He gets into a frame easily, has a perfect trot, and is learning to get collected at the canter. His fence work is very nice; trotting and cantering over cross rails and 2'6" verticals and oxers. Suds is very calm, rarely strong, and has great brakes. His flying-change is coming along.

CONFORMATION & MOVEMENT – Sudsy is a nicely built horse with a sloping shoulder, long, muscular neck, a beautifully marked and inquisitive face, and a kind eye. He has a longer, Seattle Slew, build and was still a little downhill when I bought him. He has certainly filled out, grown 1/2" or more, and may actually measure 16.2hh now. He has a very big, flat-kneed, and floaty trot and a smooth canter.

HISTORY – Sudsy, Jockey Club: Suddsy Sunday by Dance with Ravens ($340,600) out of Heartful Hero ($103,098) (by Partners Hero($554,731)), had 14 starts (0 wins, 1 place, 0 shows), $5,736 in earnings, and three previous owners. I found him through CANTER in November 2012 (his listing had been posted for more than a year) and although I was unimpressed by his price, photos, or anything about his description I decied to watch his video. I could see that he was he was just a scruffy, gangly 3-year-old but I caught a glimpse of something special - it was just a frame or two but I knew I wanted to see more. I spoke with his owner several times trying to work him down on his price before he finally convinced me to see Sudsy in person. In July 2013, I made a long drive thinking that I would find a horse in much better condition. I paid real money to save him because I knew that I couldn’t leave him behind.


PERSONALITY - Suds is very affectionate but can be a little immature from spending so much time on turnout with a large group of horse.

POTENTIAL –Although it was only a few frames, I was thrilled to glimpse a little “Phenom” in his movement through a video taken while he was still at the track. Well, it turns out that he is actually very quiet and more rideable than I could ever have expected. I think an assertive Advanced Walk-Trot-Canter Level Ride rcould finish his training, adore him, and give him the nourishment and care he deserves.

VETERINARY & SOUNDNESS – Sudsy has had a splint injury to his left front and an injury to his eyelid that presumably went without proper care, these are now cosmetic blemishes. Despite his poor body condition and feet looking very grey, rough, and dull; they were long and in need of a trim when I acquired him and have held up for regular training even in the hard, dry conditions of the late summer. At the current level of training I have no soundness concerns and am confident that he will not be hindered by unsoundness as he progresses in training.

SPECIFICS - full-cheek Waterford, regular bridle with standing martingale, a regular tree saddle with a 54" girth, and an 84" blanket. He does not require a standing martingale but keeps his nose in better with one.


(Price subject to increase with training and show experience/ success.)